A Nigerian woman is shocked when her boyfriend proposes with a ring she bought for someone else
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A Nigerian lady expressed shock when she was proposed to with a ring she had bought for a customer, as her boyfriend organized a surprise marriage proposal for her.

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This revelation came to light in a viral video circulating on a popular social media platform.

Boyfriend proposes to lady with ring she purchased for a customer.

In the video, the lady is visibly shocked and repeats, ‘I bought this ring,’ as she processes the unexpected turn of events.

Initially, she is comfortably seated with her partner, and then a large present is brought before her, displaying the words ‘will you marry me.’

Overcome with emotion, the woman covers her face in joy.

Her partner then kneels before her, holding out a ring and awaiting her response to the proposal. After she accepts, they embrace warmly.

It is then revealed that the ring her partner proposed with is the same one she had purchased, believing it was for a customer.



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