A man reveals his surprising HIV diagnosis after dating a street vendor
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Man heartbroken as he discovers he has contracted HIV after dating a pure water seller.

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The man revealed that he had met the pure water vendor in traffic and was attracted to her.

Heartbroken man.

They had exchanged contacts and thereafter started a relationship, which eventually led to intimate encounters without protection because he assumed she was a 'good' girl.

Unfortunately, he developed symptoms and sought medical attention, where he was diagnosed with gonorrhoea. A subsequent test suggested by his friend confirmed he had contracted HIV from the lady.

In his own words:

“I met and liked a lady who was selling pure water in traffic. I gave her my contact to call me and she did. I expressed interest in her, and she agreed. We started dating, she visited me a few times and we made out.

I was thinking she was one of those good girls, so it never even occurred to me to protect myself. I was there one day when I realized my manhood had started itching, and I was feeling pain inside. I went to check at the hospital, and the test revealed A Gonorrhoea, I took an injection and some drugs and came home. I was narrating what had happened to my friend and he asked if I checked for HIV too and I said No. I even added jokingly that the girl may have Gono but HIV was not possible.

We both laughed but he went on to encourage me to go and check and when I did, I was shocked that the result was positive. So Icalled the girl and told her but she insisted she doesn’t have any STI, I thought she might be ignorant so I took her to check and she was diagnosed positive”

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