A chilling detail was discovered in a couple's wedding photo after their toddler died months later
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Tahlia Murphy shared a touching yet eerie detail about her wedding photo after tragically losing her 17-month-old daughter, Taidyn Murphy, in September 2022 due to drowning in a jacuzzi at their home in Gracemere, in Queensland's Rockhampton region. Tahlia and her husband, Cecil, who have three other children - Paityn, 12, Laikyn, 6, and Haivyn, 4 - got married three months after the devastating loss. Tahlia told Daily Mail Australia that the wedding ceremony was centered around their late daughter, and one picture, in particular, holds a special place in her heart.

Tahlia revealed that the couple had a big A3 picture of Taidyn, and her eldest daughter walked down the aisle with her ashes. Taidyn had her own seat allocated, and a bouquet was made for her. Tahlia said that some of Taidyn's ashes were also put into her and Cecil's wedding rings.

Initially heartbroken that her daughter could not be there to witness the wedding, Tahlia was later stunned when a friend pointed out a small figure in one of their wedding photos. In the photo of Tahlia and Cecil sharing a kiss on their wedding day, a shadowy figure can be seen hiding behind a tree in the background.

Tahlia's friend circled the figure and told her that her baby girl was at her wedding day after all. Tahlia said she was lying in bed at the time, and her friend had sent her a screenshot of the picture. Overwhelmed, Tahlia said, "oh my god, she was literally there." Tahlia and Cecil were moved to tears and had goosebumps when they saw the figure behind the tree, saying that it was their Taidyn looking on from behind a tree in a white dress.

Tahlia said that the picture confirmed for her that her daughter was there at the wedding, despite her initial skepticism about the supernatural. Tahlia also disclosed that the urn containing Taidyn's ashes is yellow and shaped like a butterfly. Ever since Taidyn was cremated, they have been seeing yellow butterflies around the house every day. Tahlia said that without fail, they see at least one yellow butterfly a day, sometimes even up to 50.