Osimhen's injury had the potential to cause blindness, says surgeon
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The surgeon who performed surgery on Victor Osimhen after he sustained multiple facial fractures to the cheekbone and orbital bone during a clash of heads with Inter defender Milan Skriniar in November 2021 has revealed that the Napoli and Super Eagles star could have lost his sight due to the injury. The surgery involved placing six plaques and 18 screws into his face to repair the damage. Since his return to action, Osimhen has been wearing a protective mask.

Speaking to Radio CRC, Professor Gianpaolo Tartaro recounted how they were able to get Osimhen's eyes back into its socket, stating that "The orbital bone stopped just in time, because Osimhen could even have lost his sight. That bone could indeed have caused other problems, but fortunately, some factors helped us and the eye was able to go back into its socket."

In response to speculation about Osimhen undergoing more surgery to remove the six plaques and 18 screws in the future, the surgeon explained that it won't be necessary unless there is an urgent need, such as an infection. He added that the titanium used for the plaques could alter an x-ray, but Osimhen does not want them removed.

The surgeon also praised the quality of the plaques used in the surgery and the careful planning that went into their placement to ensure protection for the player during headers. He noted that Osimhen seems to be playing even better than he did before the injury, and that he has become world class.