How to Instantly convert your Airtime to instant Cash in Nigeria
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How to Instantly convert your Airtime to instant Cash in Nigeria

Do you know that you can now convert your airtime to cash in less than 5 minutes with no stress and just with your mobile phone?

Yes, you heard me right... There is a platform that allows you turn your mobile airtime credit into quick cash without having to leave your comfort zone.

If you haven't heard about it, let me introduce to you "Aimtoget"!

What is Aimtoget?

Aimtoget is the most dependable platform where you can easily convert your airtime (recharge card) of any Network (MTN, Glo, 9mobile and Airtel) to cash and get paid into any bank account in Nigeria in less than 5 minutes with zero stress.

It is amazing to know that you can now actually exchange your over-recharged, gifted or accumulated card for instant cash.

Why do you need to convert airtime to cash?

  • When you have mistakenly over-recharged your line or purchased excess airtime from your mobile banking app or USSD code.
  • If you're looking to create a micropayment plan for your small and medium scale businesses, such as crowdfunding, subscription services, micro e-commerce store, on-demand market platforms etc. then you might want to integrate a recharge card payment structure.
  • It's ideal for those who want to send money to their friends and families but are stranded and don't have access to use all banking systems.
  • Accept donations with airtime payment.
  • Convert airtime gifted or sent to you by your loved ones.

The problem of flipping your airtime for money is a service provided by numerous startups today but not many succeeded in providing solutions for transferrable airtime. And that's what makes Aimtoget stand out, they don't just solve all the problems stated above but also have a system that allows you convert recharge cards already loaded to your SIM to money in a twinkle of an eye.

Why convert airtime with Aimtoget?

Some of the features of Aimtoget are;

  • With Aimtoget, you get an easier and faster way to exchange all networks of airtime for money in Nigeria.
  • When it comes to being experienced in the business of airtime flipping to cash, they possess years of experience and reliability.
  • They have one of the best conversation rates.
  • You don't have to be a techie to understand Aimtoget's website interface, it has a user-friendly and easy to use transaction interface.
  • Their system is automated thereby providing an instant payment to your bank account any time of the day when processed.
  • You also get one of the most reasonable daily transaction limits which fall between 200 – 900,000.

It will also interest you to know that Aimtoget has a lot of positive reviews and high star ratings from their app users on Google Playstore because of the satisfaction customers get from their services.

Now that we have these features stated out clearly, how then does one get started with this?

As I said, you don't have to be a geek or a techie to get started with Aimtoget, turning your airtime to money only requires five fundamental steps which are going to elaborated below;

Without further ado, let delve right into it.

How to convert airtime to cash on Aimtoget?

Step 1: Register

First, you have to register or login using Aimtoget app or website to get started.

Step 2: Fund wallet

Go to "Fund wallet" select airtime option.

Step 3: Select network

Choose Network, input Amount and Phone number you are transferring from.

Step 4: Transfer airtime

Transfer the airtime to the displayed number.

Step 5: Confirm transfer

And lastly, Confirm transfer. Your wallet will be credited instantly or in less than 5 minutes.

When this airtime has been converted to money and credited to your Aimtoget wallet, it's then bequeathed to you to choose what to do with it.

There are varieties of features Aimtoget wallet funds can be used for and they include;

  • Pay bills/merchants
  • Load Aimtoget E-card
  • Sms Advert
  • Data top-up
  • Airtime top-up
  • Withdraw from wallet and more.

Here is how to withdraw money from your Aimtoget wallet?

  • Go to Withdraw on the Aimtoget mobile application or the website
  • Input Amount to withdraw.
  • Choose the bank you want to withdraw to or enter bank details if you haven’t added any bank before, please also ensure you're entering the correct details to avoid stories that touch and complications.
  • Finally, Complete withdrawal.

Withdrawal charge is ₦65.00


If you have any questions, kindly contact which is ready to listen and attend to customers 24/7 because customers are their first priority.


So have you been contemplating on a reliable place to convert your airtime credit to money? All you need to do is to trust Aimtoget for this simple and easy transaction. They give the most attractive rate for your transactions. Also you know that Google is your friend, so ask Google about Aimtoget.

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