Album Review: Anloga Junction By StoneBwoy
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Anloga Junction: An album title I relate with- Domestically and from my escapades in Kumasi.

Album Art: I like it.. it is attractive, looks like the art I can hang in my room.

1. Le Gba Gbe: Proves that a beautifully composed song transcends the comprehension of the language it is sung in. This song if it were a drink will be Kpokeke: The language being the Ginger infusion on some mellow but strong alcohol ( the beat)

2. African Party: One of the party dance-able songs. The Single was out and some critics raised issues of "sampling" (Parte Parte Parte). Nonetheless, it is a neat song, just like Rum.

3. African Idol: This is my personal favourite, I like sound of drums. I started to imagine what the Video to this song will look like. I want to see a Shrine in there. This song is pure Apoio, the one with blue flames.

4. Ever Lasting: The Dance Choreography Anthem. Sounds like a new dance will come with this song. Also, a favourite for a sing-along. I rate this Smirnoff Ice Black mixed with Tequila. lol

5. Nkuto ft Kojo Antwi: The Palmwine of this Album. Smooth and creeps up on you. Before you realize you are "High"

6. Bow Down ft Nasty C: This is the one song you will listen to and forget. Nasty C was good.. the song is decent but you will not remember it. It's like drinking non-alcoholic beer.

7. Only Love: Hmm, this song needs a video to appreciate it. Just like adding lime to Gin. I want to believe Stonebwoy can sing better

8. Nominate ft Keri Hilson: Tastes like wine. Keri was even singing in Ewe..hehe. If this is the supposed feature with a star bigger than Beyonce, then whoever started that rumour is not serious.

9. Journey: Most definitely the Street Anthem of this Album. The Guinness after a hard day's work. My second favourite.

10. Understand ft Alicia Harley: This song has a lot of flavours. I can taste Passion fruit mixed with Martini Rosso. hehe.

11. Critical ft Zlatan: Another Dance focused tune. A picture of Dance god and his entourage murdering a dance routine came to mind. The Alomo and Lime of the Album. ( the Naija people understand Alomo paaa)

12. Black Madonna ft Diamond Platnumz: I seriously believe this song was to fulfil geographic representation. the second forgettable song on the Album... Just like drinking Mojito with all that mint but you don't know if you really like it or not. I might probably listen to it only if I am playing the whole album.

13. Motion ft Jahmiel: The Ghetto Anthem. This song is not a drink, its a

14. Good Morning ft Chivv and Spanker: This song confused me. Reminds me of when I had to mix our last stash of Vodka, Coke and Pito, one midnight during a funeral in my hometown.

15: Strength & Hope: I was getting worried about why I wasn't hearing any Lovers Rock riddim. Lovers Rock can never go wrong, fit for Karaoke and Live Band. Some will call it Club Beer but for me its Star Beer

Overall Verdict: This Album is a Nice Work of Heart. 4.5 stars out of 5.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✨

You don't need anyone to tell you I am a Bhim Native: Now I just have to add Ewe to the list of languages I need to learn.

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