”Use your firearms for protection when your life is in danger” – IGP Adamu tells police officers
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Nigeria’s Inspector General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, has said every Police officer is entitled to human rights protection and he advised them to use their firearms to protect themselves whenever they are in the face of any form of danger.

IGP Adamu is currently touring different state commands to assess the level of destruction each command suffered during the civil unrest that broke out across the country after hoodlums hijacked the #EndSARS protests.

Several police officers were killed and many stations destroyed in the wake of the unrest.

The IGP said ;

“All that happened in terms of attacks on the police and police stations, should not stop us from coming out to perform our constitutional duties. But while we are performing these constitutional duties, we must also protect ourselves because every policeman is a human being and is also entitled to human rights protection.

Don’t forget your force order 237. You read and digest it very well. You know when you should use your firearms. You use your firearms in a lawful manner.

One of the ways you use your firearms is when your life is in danger and there is no other way through, then you use your firearms. Does it make sense for a policeman to die when he is carrying a rifle?”

See video below ;

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