Titanic's fate mirrors Nigeria's current situation, says Peter Obi
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The Labour Party 2023 Presidential Candidate, Peter Obi discussed the high level of corruption in Nigeria while likening it to Titanic.

He explained how a leader is expected to behave in and manage a difficult situation once he resumes into the office instead of doing the irrelevant things.

In his words, while speaking on AriseNews TV, “Nigeria today is a country with the highest amount of people without homes, over 24 million, yet you are spending 20 something billion to build a house for one person”.

He noted that the issue of the government “buying vehicles, partying and everything as if things are normal” is uncalled for when the country’s economy is bad.

Peter Obi further makes it clear that what he would have done if he had come into the office in such a situation is to cut the cost of governance [/b]and deal with the issue of “massive corruption.”

He says Tinubu should show a clear plan as he is entering his second year. The necessity of this is seen in his comparison of Nigeria’s situation to plane turbulence in bad weather. He convincingly said the issue of people making merry in Nigeria’s current situation is destructive.

“What happened to the Titanicis what is happening in Nigeria. While the plane was going under the people on the upper deck were busy dancing until the whole thing collapsed, that is what is happening now!” He stated.

Peter Obi submits that “we should change and do things rightly” as a way to fight against corruption.

Watch Peter Obi’s discussion…