The family of former Konga CEO Nick Imudia denies suicide rumors
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The family of the late former CEO of Konga, Nick Imudia, has strongly refuted reports suggesting he took his own life shortly after his tragic passing.

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In a statement attributed to Dr. Anthony N. Imudia, the family expressed deep concern over what they describe as suspicious news reports surrounding the ex-CEO's death, which emerged while they were still at the hospital attempting to revive him.

According to the family, investigations into the circumstances of his death are currently ongoing, as they adamantly dismiss any notion of suicide.

Family's Response to Alleged Suicide Reports

“The family of Nick Imudia is deeply dissatisfied with the unprofessional manner in which the media wrongly characterized the reporting of Nick Imudia’s death as a suicide. This sentiment is reinforced by the statement from the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, who has committed to investigating the sudden death of Nick. Nick did not call his brother in America to give instructions on how to distribute his wealth, nor did he contact his daughter with any such instructions.

“How was this news reported so hastily (less than 3 hours after his death) before his family members were even informed, while the medical team was still working to resuscitate him at the hospital? The Imudia family is baffled!”

Nick Imudia's Life Before His Untimely Death

“Nick never exhibited signs of stress, nor was he diagnosed with depression at any point. The insinuation of suicide, as portrayed and swiftly reported by the media, is highly suspect.

“Until his passing, Nick Imudia served as the Group CEO of D.light International, headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, where he resided. He oversaw the company's global operations from Nairobi. Nick was known for his vitality, and those who worked closely with him or met him shortly before his death were shocked by the media's labeling of his death as 'suicide.'

“He was in Lagos briefly following a short trip to the Netherlands and was scheduled to return to Nairobi the day after his unexpected death. Nick began his career at Nokia, the Finnish telecommunications giant, where he made his mark. He later managed Nokia's Asia operations in Singapore after being transferred from Helsinki.

“During his tenure with Nokia, he was appointed Managing Director for Nokia - West and Central Africa. Upon Microsoft's acquisition of Nokia, he chose to depart. Seeking new challenges, he assumed the role of CEO at Konga Nigeria, where he revitalized the company's operations.

“Given his achievements and vibrant life, those who knew Nick well are incredulous and reject the characterization of his death as suicide. The Imudia family respectfully requests that the media and the public allow them to mourn their loved one without baseless rumors surrounding the circumstances of his death.”