Sululere protesters are reportedly being shot at #SARSMUSTEND Raised fist
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Sadness and tears fill the heart of all the protesters who came out for the Sulurere #SARSMUSTEND protest today, As they witness the Shoting of a young Vibrant Youth. Today again marks another record of the killing of Young youth, Among the Countless Killings.

As Recorded the Protest was peaceful and calm Until the Police arrived at the scene, To chase out all protesters from the Scene, Shooting randomly, and killed an innocent Young man. 

Twitter Video : 

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Anonymous  (Oct 12, 2020) 
I think this our government no need any respect from us anymore bcos killing our youth is like looking for war
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Hadassah  (Oct 12, 2020) 
This truly saddens my heart. Everyone has the right to express and want their voice to be heard peacefully. There will be justice for all these killings and God is hearing the cries of the mothers, fathers and children. Jesus is coming. #justice #hearmyvoice #hearourcry
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KingdomKings badgeKingdomKings  (Oct 12, 2020) 
We Keep Praying to have a government, That has the minds of the People In heart.
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