Peter Obi rejects attributing election loss to God's will in response to Pastor
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Peter Obi, has spoken out on why he disagrees with a Pastor's suggestion to accept his election defeat as God's will. In an interview on Arise TV’s ‘The Morning Show’ on Monday, Obi stated that doing the right thing was God’s desire. While he respects notable Nigerians including clerics and traditional rulers, he believes it is impossible to accept an election loss as God's will.

Obi expressed his disagreement with the Pastor's statement, stating that accepting wrongdoing and what is unacceptable is the problem of Nigeria. He argued that using God's name in vain and attributing negative situations in the country to God's will is not what God says. He further stated that the situation in Nigeria, with 133 million Nigerians living in poverty and 95 million Nigerians in extreme poverty, is not God's wish. Rather, it is God's wish that the country does the right thing.

Obi also commented on the election procedures, stating that they had clear regulations that, if adhered to, would prevent any reason to challenge the process. He argued that if the regulations were followed, the election would have been concluded within hours, without any arguments. However, doing the wrong thing is not God's wish.

He spoke out against the corruption in the country, where people take public money and give it to people in the Church, stating that it is not God's wish. Obi wants to fight against this corruption and ensure that God's wish is truly God's wish. He believes that doing the right thing will lead to God's blessings.

Obi further argued that it is important to teach young people to do the right thing, rather than attributing negative situations to God's will. He wants God to allow Nigerians to do the right things so that they can start building a better country for their children.