Nigerian nurse cries out to Ondo government for 8 months unpaid salary, says 'we are tired'
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

The nurse's situation is unfortunate and it is important that the government pays the salaries of workers promptly. It is a violation of their rights to withhold their salaries for such a long time. 

The nurse's plea is understandable, and she and her colleagues deserve to be paid for the work they have done. I suggest that she and her colleagues reach out to their union or professional association for assistance in addressing the issue. They can also seek legal advice and support to ensure that their rights are protected.

They claimed that she couldn’t leave or stop work because whenever she tried to, they threatened to terminate her contract.

In her words:

“Please pay our money before someone will come now and say voice out. Please I am broke now. I am begging you on my own right, peace be all the 46 intern nurses your own we are tired.

“We are tired we don’t know what else to do you people actually know that we worked. You’ve seen every evidence.

“What else do you want? For me to come outside and say this, you guys should see my face please I’m not going to call names.

“Please if you know you have conscience pay us our money because I cannot ask guys for money don’t push us to the wall. Please be our money our money 8 months salary. How will you be owing a nurse for 8 months?

“For those of you now come to blame us asking why we didn’t stop working it’s not easy they threatened to terminate our contracts and if we go to a different place we will have to start all over again to make it a year.”

Watch the video below: