SO SAD!!! Lifeless body of newborn baby found at refuse site in Calabar
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The lifeless body of an infant has been found enclosed by a material and dumped at a deny site in Calabar.

The baby who was allegedly dumped by the mother on Sunday night was found the following morning by residents of Atimbo.

A resident of Atimbo, Ekanem Effiom spoke to Paradise News:

“I woke up early this morning to dispose off my refuse so to prepare my children for school, then I saw people gathered around the waste bin. I asked what was going on, someone then related to me that it was an abandoned baby. I then walked up to the bin, only to see a fine baby well dressed with curly hair. One man summoned courage to check on the baby, he discovered its no longer breathing. He did everything possible, but his efforts and that of others were unfruitful.It was a baby boy and the baby was well delivered. It must be a trained person that delivered the mother of the baby”

said Effiom.

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