Karma's hot serving: Bianca Ojukwu shades Ebele Obiano for Anambra senatorial loss
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

Bianca has thrown a shade at Ebele Obiano, the former Anambra first lady, after she lost her election in the state. Mrs Obiano had contested under the All Progressives Grand Congress (APGA) but had been floored by Labour Party’s Tony Nwoye. This defeat prompted Bianca Ojukwu, who had once had a public altercation with the politician during the inauguration of Charles Soludo, to take to her Facebook page to make a mockery of her loss. She posted an image that read "Karma is always served piping hot, to those who deserve it, at the right time," and captioned the image with a warning to Ebele Obiano about seeking what she had tried hard to deny others.
The shade thrown by Bianca Ojukwu comes after her public altercation with Ebele Obiano during the inauguration of Charles Soludo. It is apparent that Bianca has not forgotten about that incident, and her recent post serves as a reminder that she is not one to be crossed. It is unclear how Ebele Obiano will react to this latest development, but it is safe to say that she will not take kindly to the shade thrown at her by Bianca Ojukwu.
It remains to be seen what will happen next in this ongoing saga, but one thing is clear: the political landscape in Anambra state is becoming increasingly tumultuous, and the upcoming elections are sure to be hotly contested. The defeat of Ebele Obiano in the senatorial race is just one example of the political turbulence that is currently gripping the state. Only time will tell how this drama will play out and who will emerge victorious in the end.