Doyin Okupe advocates for sack-grown tomatoes amid price surge
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Former presidential aide, Doyin Okupe has proffered a solution of home-grown vegetables amidst the soaring prices of tomatoes.

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As prices for basic commodities like rice, beans, maize, plantains, and tomatoes continue to rise, many Nigerians are feeling the pinch in their daily expenses. The steep increase in prices has made it challenging for the average household to afford these essential food items, thereby prompting the need for alternative solutions to mitigate the impact on daily living costs.

The politician suggested a cost-effective alternative for homegrown tomatoes: using sacks. He emphasized that this method could serve as a practical solution for urban dwellers who may not have access to traditional gardening spaces. By planting tomatoes in sacks, individuals can take advantage of limited space while ensuring a steady supply of fresh produce, thereby reducing dependency on market prices.

However, his suggestion did not sit well with Nigerians as many took to the comment section to blast him. Critics argue that this approach oversimplifies the problem and fails to address the underlying economic issues causing the price hikes. They also pointed out that not everyone has the time, resources, or knowledge to engage in home gardening, making this solution impractical for many.

Reactions trailing Doyin Okupe’s home-grown tomato idea

Uchenna_Azorji wrote: “Mr Okupe, for your sanity, leave Twitter. You are too old for this. Go home and await God’s further directives”. This comment reflects the frustration and disbelief among some citizens who feel that Okupe’s suggestion is out of touch with the realities of their daily struggles.

RITAENG1234 questioned: “Is this a solution Sir? Must everyone turn by force Farmers because a Man Grabbed a Mandate way bigger than his Capacity? Besides, if na Igbo Man siddon🪑 4 Aso Villa right now, will you Tweet this or be on the Streets Protesting Sir?” This user highlights the political undertones in the conversation, suggesting that the proposal might be seen differently if the political landscape were different.

sexyred002 stated: “🤣🤣😂😂When your conscience is dealing with you so badly ,this is what u get 🤣😂😂 So ur Jesus tinubu had turned u to a motivation speaker 🤔” This reaction indicates a sense of disillusionment with the political class and their proposed solutions, viewing them as inadequate and detached from the actual needs of the people.

Nithsmith tweeted: “Talk us how many people grow tomatoes in USA or uk Why don’t you ask your kids to grow tomatoes. Rice is 90k, tell them to grow rice😂You elders should leave politics since you all ruin the economy but can’t fix it. The damage that your generation have done is enough.” This response underscores the perceived impracticality of the suggestion and the call for more systemic and substantial solutions to the economic challenges faced by Nigerians.