Bus driver apologizes for train/BRT crash
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The driver of a Lagos State Government staff bus involved in a collision with a moving train in Ikeja, Lagos has appealed to the victims of the accident to forgive him. This comes after one of the survivors, Titilayo, recounted that they begged the driver, Oluwaseun Osinbajo, to wait for the train to pass, but he refused. Another survivor alleged that Osinbajo had his earpiece on while driving and ignored the directive of the flag officers at the rail line. The collision resulted in the death of at least seven people, while others who sustained injuries are currently receiving treatment at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital. Osinbajo, who works with the Lagos State Ministry of Transport, has been transferred to the State Criminal Intelligence and Investigations Department. However, Osinbajo blamed the incident on a mechanical fault in the bus and said, "It was not my fault. How could I have ignored warning signs? The bus had a mechanical fault. It is a pity this has happened. I beg everyone affected to please forgive me in the name of God."