Manage your state, magnify your office, comport yourself be true to yourself
I live this life at a pace that any man can go, know your place and dedicate your role to the fate that you will die alone
Man gave us love and God gave us time, it’s the act of storytelling I’m only telling now
Love and hate oh oh, black or white, right or wrong, so oh who is right
I be human oh you be human too, ohhh nobody perfect onto one or two
Eh nobody jaaju kaku or no over kaku, life na one part omo no part two
Ye, I go chop my life mi o le wa ku, omo no do no do and if them fumble
Wetin be epe, omo na sample and if yawa gas o, people go come compu
Oh oh oh oh, Shekpe, I’m just having a good time
2020, lets go
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