US Election: Joe Biden wins Arizona to claim 11 more electoral votes
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Trump(R) and Biden (L).

Democrat Joe Biden has won in the southwestern US state of Arizona, a traditionally Republican stronghold which was captured by President Donald Trump in 2016, Fox News and the Associated Press projected early Wednesday.

The call for Biden in Arizona, which has 11 electoral votes, came after a speech from Trump, who claimed victory in the nail-biter election despite several key states not yet being called.

So far, at the time of this publication, states clinched by Biden include Arizona, Hawaii, Minnesota, Colorado, New Mexico, California, New Hampshire, Oregon, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maryland, Illinois, Delaware and Connecticut, as well as the District of Columbia.

While Trump has won Florida, Texas, Ohio, Kentucky, Kansas, Louisiana, Indiana, Wyoming, West Virginia, South Carolina, Idaho, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Utah, South Dakota, North Dakota, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, and Montana.

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Patrick  (Nov 04, 2020) 
I think Donald Trump will win this election..I don't know or trust this Biden
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Johnson J Joshua  (Nov 04, 2020) 
When the righteous rules the rejoice. With my Holy oil have I anointed David my servant. God has anointed Donald Trump the president of america, God bless America.
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