Kenyan first lady prays against homosexuality
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

Kenyan first lady, Rachel Ruto, declared a call for national prayers to be held against homosexuality, citing it as a threat to the institution of the family. During a Sunday service in Meru county, she expressed the need to strengthen the family institution and uphold family values. According to her, the LGBTQ community is forbidden both in the Bible and African culture, and as such, Kenyans must "hold on to family values."

It is worth noting that the First Lady had previously established a Faith Diplomacy Office, whose mandate is to promote a praying culture across the country. As she revealed during the service, the office will now take prayers to other parts of the country through a crafted program aimed at protecting family values.

The First Lady also urged Kenyans to put more focus on matters of family, as the LGBTQ debate threatens the family structure. In her words, "I would like us to pray on matters of family. The family has become an institution that has been very much attacked... "