Fear can cause coronavirus – Ghanaian Doctor
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A private medical practitioner has advised the people of Ghana not to panic in the wake of the COVID-19 in the country.

As indicated by Dr. Abdul Wahab M. Kahnde when individuals become fearful, they are well on the way to ignore security rules and guidelines and could almost certainly get tainted with the coronavirus.

He stressed that even though there is no conventional treatment for the virus but people should stop speculating fear and creating tensions but report symptoms to the nearest hospital.

Dr. Abdul Wahab reacting to if doctors were not breaking the very code of their profession said:

“The coronavirus is a pandemic and its cases it’s reported to the World Health Organisation and its code surpasses the patient’s code of conduct of non-disclosure of their conditions.”

He further said it does not defame people to have their names published and advised families to take their members back if they recover from the virus.

If the system clears someone then it means the person is free and does not have the virus in him. And should be accepted into the family again”. On records, Ghana has so far recorded six cases of coronavirus.

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