'Young Women Don’t Like Older Men For Love, It’s All For The Money' – Huddah Monroe
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Popular Kenyan socialite and entrepreneur, Huddah Monroe has opened up that, young ladies don’t usually get into a relationship with older men because of love, rather than their money and wealths.

She also advised men above 40 who love to be in a relationship with young women to ensure they are never stingy in such a relationship.

Speaking, the popular socialite said;

“Especially if he’s above 40, 45yrs. You can’t be old and want a young woman and be stingy. Pick a struggle.

“Honestly, do old men thing young women like them for love?”, she asked.

In another post, she revealed that if her man cheats, she won’t break up with him based on that ground.

She shared:

“I will never break up with a man for cheating. Stingy? Yes I am done. Day 1. Bye, nice to meet you”.

Expressing fear over fertility issues women go through, Huddah Monroe stated that she won’t mind living her life like a man for a day.

“The way they do papsmear, that sh*t is uncomfortable. Then they do uterus scan.
That thing is like a long big as* d*ick. And it costs an arm here. SMH. Who wants a vagina in exchange for a d*ick?
I wanna be a man for a day”, she wrote.

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