You would have been a lecturer at Legon if not for music – Fans tells M.infest
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A M.anifest fan believes the Rapper would have been a lecturer at the University of Ghana, Legon if not for music.

The Rapper, born by arguably Ghana’s most highly rated Lawyer in the name of Tsatsu Tsikata, is one of the most Educated and brilliant artists when it comes to the music industry.

His infamous beef with Sarkodie where he flaws the BET award winner with massive English punchlines remains one of the reasons he has been rated so high when it comes to vocabularies.

M.anifest took to Twitter to ask his followers what they believe he would have become today if he wasn’t a musician.“If l wasn’t a musician what would you figure l’d have become..” he asked

Hilariously the first follower told the God MC the only thing he would have been doing by now without music is playing mortal kombact but another fan believes just as Sarkodie said in Kanta, M.anifest would have been in the lecture hall of legon today if he wasn’t a musician.

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