Woman Bathes Neighbour with Hot Water in Lagos (Photo)
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A Lagosian and a mother of four, Mrs. Mary Joseph was detained by the Akinpelu Police station after she poured hot water on her neighbor, Jumoke Gbadebo. The incident happened at Oshodi Area, Lagos State.

Trouble began when Mrs. Mary alleged that the Victim whose turn is to clean the drainage and surrounding of their house spilled dirty water into bathing water served down to bath her children.

According to an eyewitness who chooses to remain anonymous narrated what transpired: I was here bathing my daughter and I heard the woman (Mrs. Joseph) shouting. She said the other woman (Jumoke) poured dirty water inside her water and I told her it was impossible for her to pour dirt into her water knowingly, and that if it happened it must have been a mistake.

“She then confronted me, saying it is a lie, that she did it and it was intentional. She added that the woman used the broom she was using to wash the gutter to splash more dirt in her water. She started cursing Jumoke, calling her a fool and other unprintable names.

“While Jumoke was trying to explain herself, Mary started pushing her, asking if she wanted to beat her; to the shock of everyone, Mary entered her room, brought out hot water from the fire and poured it on Jumoke. While Jumoke was running due to the pain, Mary still went after her and beat her with a broom, which led to a further peeling of Jumoke’s skin.”

When asked why she poured her co-tenant boiled water, Mary blamed the devil for her action. On his part, the husband of the attacker, Mr. Joseph, who was not at home when the incident took place, said: “I am struggling to feed four children and her, but now, I have been told to bring N200,000 for the bill at a private hospital when I don’t even have N5,000 in my account. My wife has finished me. Where will I run to in this coronavirus lockdown?”

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