‘You are not a wife material if your boyfriend have s*x with you after 1 year of dating’ – Lady
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Twitter user (@UrTrueModa1) is about to shake the entire web in the wake of uncovering her own meaning of a good wife material.

According to her, a lady falls beneath the bad wife category if she has sex with her boyfriend after dating for just a year.

However, those that are able to cross the 5 years border according to her are the correct wife material like herself.

She tweeted:

“Dear lady, you are not a good wife material if your boyfriend have sex with you after dating you for just 1 year. I had sex with my man after 5years of dating.”

The mind-blowing aspect of her post is that, she failed to disclose whether she got married before getting ‘chopped’ after the 5 years.

See The Screenshot Below:

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