“Whether you hate me or love me I still love you” – Kiddwaya says from sickbed
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Popular billionaire son, Terseer Kiddwaya has encouraged his fans to shun the art of hating on people or even on himself.

The reality star who was hospitalized some days ago made this known from his sickbed via a post on Twitter.

According to Kiddwaya, it is pointless hating on people because over time, you will end up wondering why you dislike them in the first place.

“The truth is. I love everyone. Weather you hate me or love me I still love you. 

Because at the end of the day when your by yourself in hospital sick.

You look back and think. Why do I hate this person? In the long run it really isn’t worth it. Hate is a silent killer,”

he wrote.

See the screenshot below...

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