What I plan to do with my virginity – Actress Olive Utalor reveals
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Actress, Olive Utalor has revealed what she plans to do with her precious virginity.

The fast-rising movie star who celebrated her birthday a few weeks ago in a chat with Inside Nollywood hinted that she plans to gift her lucky husband her virginity, which she had kept for long to be devoured on their matrimonial bed.

She said, “My husband will be so proud of me for keeping my virginity till marriage, you can see I have all it takes to keep a  man. Not easy keeping my virginity till this time, I’m so proud of me. And I am not scared of marriage as an actress. I was raised to face challenges squarely. One thing I know is when I make any commitment I will put all my best into it because to me failing is not an option, besides marriage is a union of two people coming together to pledge their love for each other and promise to stand together through thick and thin. There’s nothing to be afraid of. Personally, I know my marriage will flourish.”

Asked if she’s under pressure from family to get settled, the Delta State-born avows, “I wouldn’t say that, as my dad will always tell my sister and me, “I have all I need to take care of you so relax and meet who suits you both spiritually and physically. Marriage is forever and forever is a long time to be unhappy.” So, if the time is right and God willing, sure I’ll get married soon.

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