What happened to Ryan Buell? Paranormal State, Net Worth, Cancer, Arrest, Drugs, Married, Chip Coffey
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Who is Ryan Buell?

Ryan Daniel Buell is a native American with Italian descent born in Corry, Pennsylvania, the USA on July 8, 1982, and grew up in Sumter, South Carolina. Buell is an American paranormal investigator, author, TV producer, and Paranormal Research Society (PRS). Ryan became famous for the primary host of the TV Show "Paranormal State" with Elfie music.

What has happened to Ryan Buell?

Buell was arrested on September 18, 2016, in Florence County, South Carolina, on a warrant from State College, Pennsylvania, and was arranged two third-degree felonies for theft of leased property and receiving stolen property. While on April 21, 2017, he got arrested, and this time he was charged for simple assault and harassment of his boyfriend.

After his release and completed rehabilitation, he became one of the paranormal bloggers upon the opening of his blog and working as a promoter of shows. However, Buell was being accused series of times of receiving money for shows without attending with several court cases still pending.

Early Life as a child and Parents

Ryan Buell grew up as a child in Sumter, South Carolina, with his parents Tim Buell & Shelly Bonavita Lundburg. He grew up in a family setup with siblings, a brother, and four older sisters. The father, Tim Buell, retired as a State Police Officer, while the mother Shelly Bonavita Lundburg is the owner of an accountancy firm.


At a very tender age, Ryan had an interest in becoming a journalist, and he was part of his high school media editor team, which he was imposing. While upon his high school completion, he gained admission into Penn State University in State College, Pennsylvania, where he studied and earned a bachelor's degree in Journalism and Anthropology.

Ryan's Paranormal Research Society (PRS)

During his stint in college, Ryan Buell was very passionate about the paranormal state. Meanwhile, he was inspired to set up the Penn state paranormal research society (PRS). 

Being the founder of the research society, he had numerous opportunities to come across and speak with various kinds of persons who here eyewitness to some happening. Also enabled him to gained valuable experience and got all answers to what he was no clear with.

Rise to Fame and "Paranormal State"

Ryan Daniel Buell was up for the rise following his continuous growth right from his high school days. Upon his graduation from college, his Paranormal society has been closely seen by TV producers who were ready to start up a show to integrate his PRS work. 

He was, however, picked as the main anchor of a reality TV paranormal series entitled "Paranormal State" under the production of Go Go Luckey. While the show later commenced December 10, 2007, and Buell was the primary host of the TV A&E show Paranormal State till May 2011, which increased his popularity and Net worth.

A career as a Producer

After a stint as a TV Show presenter, American Ghost Hunter released in 2010, and Ryan was the executive producer. In the same year, he was the Co-Executive Producer for Paranormal State and The Ghost Prophecies. 

While in 2011, he partnered Chad Celek, and they announced a 41 city film tour, which served as a boast to his fame and fortune.

Buell's Memoir and Bisexuality

While he continues to soar high within the entertainment industry, September 2010, he published his Memoir titled Paranormal State: My Journey into the unknown and also discussed his sexual orientation. And how he has struggled to merge his bisexuality alongside the catholic faith and encourages those who feel they are lone. 

Without a doubt, the Memoir turned out a massive sale and moved up his net worth.

Ryan Buell Net Worth and Assets

Ryan Buell has over $1.5 net worth, including a BMW car, as estimated by reliable sources. He attains this from his illustrious career, which he started far back in 2007 as a TV reality show presenter in charge of paranormal investigations. So, you could see Ryan is a wealthy American celebrity.

Cancer Controversy

This man was always in the spotlight and claimed in 2011 that he had diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, this left his fans curious and later told the people magazine that he was near remission. But, the whole story took a twist when his mother, Shelly Bonavita Lundburg, denied the cancer diagnosis claim.

Despite the public defamation, more controversies sets in for Buell. While in 2014, Buell sold tickets for a "Conversations with the Dead Tour," which later got proponed indefinitely, and some persons claim not to have gotten a refund or any further notice regarding the show.

While his friend and collaborator on Paranormal State, Chip Coffey said the ticket sales exceeded $80, 000 and that was the reason he had been in control of planning the shows. Chip Coffey learned that Ryan never booked any of them.

While on September 18, 2016, in Florence County, South Carolina, he was arrested by a warrant from State College, Pennsylvania, and was arranged two third-degree felonies for theft of leased property and receiving stolen property. While on April 21, 2017, he got arrested, and this time, charged for simple assault and harassment of his boyfriend.

After his release and completed rehabilitation in July 2017, he published a post on his personal bog admitting he was a recovering drug addict. Meanwhile, his court cases remain unsolved, even as he encounters more problems.

Personal Life and Appearance

Ryan founded the Penn state paranormal research society with Elfie music at age 19 and knew with his fellow Society members to tackle such mysteries as hauntings, ghostly appearances, sixth-sense experiences, and demonic disturbances.

As we already know, he is a bisexual and a famous supporter of the LGBT community. He has a dark-coloured brown hair and a dark-coloured eye with a height of 6 ft. 2 in (1.88 m). While in 2014, Ryan Buell married his longtime partner, Sergey Poberezhny, and currently lives in the State College, Pennsylvania.

Ryan Daniel Buell Social Media Presence

Social media life is expected for most celebrities as it has come to form a vital aspect of their activities. Buell is not left out as he is actively present on various social media platforms. He has always used them to share content and personal life with a large number of followers.

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