Top 10 Richest Rappers in Nigeria 2020 and their Net Worth (Forbes)
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Here is the richest rapper in Nigeria and also who made the Top 10 richest rappers in Nigeria 2020 and their net worth (Forbes). 

Meanwhile, by at the end of reading through this pick, you will also know Who is the richest rapper in Nigeria?

If you could remember our previous content related to Nigerian entertainers and financial strength, we brought you the top 10 richest musicians in Nigeria 2020 and their net worth (Forbes) and also who is the richest artist in Nigeria.

Here today, we have shifted down our focus to the hip hop genre popularly known as vernacular music.

Some may not understand music genres, so you may ask

Who is a rapper?

A rapper is also known as hip hop singer who does music inform of vocal delivery that goes along "rhyme, rhythmic speech, and street vernacular.

Most of the time, you can only get to understand their intent through the music manuscript.

Rap songs originated from west Africa special and are traceable to the now African American Dialect.

However, we could still point some topnotch hip hop stars like Eminem, Kanye West, 50 Cent, Snoop Dog, Drake, M.I, Nasty C, and Ice Prince.

Meanwhile, before we take you down to the top 10 richest rappers in Nigeria 2020, let's quickly answer this question that always comes to mind when we make mention of Nigerian rappers and their net worth.

The question is no other but this;

Who is the richest rapper in Nigeria?

As such, We can't just jump into conclusion but with a proper examination of musical career relative to performance, endorsement deals, global market distribution, the responsiveness of their fan base, and Forbes listing.

So, let see those who made the ten-man list base on the aforementioned criteria of selection.

Top 10 richest rappers in Nigeria 2020 and their net worth (Forbes)


10. Lil Kesh Net Worth 2020 - $1.5 Million

Keshinro Ololade, well known as Lil Kesh. He is a Nigerian hip hop singer and songwriter born 14 March 1995 in Bariga, Lagos state.

The Lagos born rap sensation started his career in Bariga back in 2012. And however, he rose to prominence 2016 with a national anthem "Shoki".

Kesh has three albums to his bet including notable singles like "Cause Trouble", "Rora", "Nkan Be", "Flenjo" and the affirmation above "Shoki".

Lil Kesh is currently under the stewardship of YBNL Nation headed Olamide Badoo. However, he made the top 10 richest rappers in Nigeria 2020  with $1.5 million net worth.

9. Ice Prince Net Worth 2020 - $2 Million

Panchak Henry Zamani is popularly known as Ice Prince. He is a Nigerian rapper and a songwriter, born 1986 in Minna, Nija State.

 The Minna rap mogul burst into the entertainment scene with the song "Oleku".
Oleku immediately became an instant hit and one of the most remix songs in the Nigerian music industry.
Ice Prince attains merit as a BET Awardee and known to be a member of Chocolate City and Supercool Cats record label.
Despite no recent dominance from this Niger man, he will be fondly be remembered for songs like "Superstar", "I swear" and above all "Oleku".
With previous hit performances and market distribution, he currently has a net worth of $2 Million.

8. Vector Net Worth - $2 Million

Olanrewaju Ogunmefun David is well known as Vector. He is a Nigerian hip hop singer, songwriter, and philosopher.
Vector was born on 7 August 1984 in Lagos State and became known within the music industry in 2015 with few years of presence.
The rap singer is under the license of GRAP Entertainment Limited, YSG Entertainment record label. And stood at 8th spot with $2 million net worth.

7. Lynxxx Net Worth - $3 Million

Chukie Edozien popularly knows as Lynxxx. He is a Nigerian songwriter and rap mugu born in November 1983 in Lagos.
Lynxxx surface to glory back in 2010 with a debut studio album and later released songs like "African Bad Girl" and "Characha".
He had a stint with some record labels including Green World Music.
While he made the Nigerian rapper richest with a net worth of $3 Million.

6. Naeto C Net Worth - $3.5 Million

Naetochukwu Chikwe is well known as Naeto C. He is a Nigerian born American singer who has been seen associating with politics.
Naeto C was Born on 17 December 1982 in Houston. He rose to prominence back in 2010 with a massive record smash single "10 over 10" and later with Super C season.
The Nigerian born America rapper claims the 6th spot on the top 10 richest rappers in Nigeria 2020 with $3.5 million net worth.

5. Falz Net Worth - $4 Million

Folarin Falana who is known globally as Falz is a Nigerian rapper and songwriter. He was born on 27 October 1990 in Mushin, Lagos.
He announced his arrival in the entertainment industry with the song titled "Soldier" and later profess "Soft Work".
Meanwhile, the Lagos man has not just relied on music alone. But has got featured on top well-distributed movies like New Money, Chief Daddy, and most recently Merry Men.

Falz made it in with a net worth of $4 million in 5th place.

4. Reminisce Net Worth - $7 Million

Remilekun Abdulkalid Safaru, known as Reminisce. He is a native of Ogun State-born 26 January 1981 in Kaduna, Northern Nigeria.
Reminisce is fast and good at rapping in English and Yoruba blend.
The Kaduna born came into the limelight back in 2012. Meanwhile, he snaps up the 4th position on top 10 richest rappers in Nigeria 2020 with a net worth of $7 Million.

3. M.I Net Worth - $8 Million

Jude Lemfani Abaga recognizes on the global map as M.I. He is a Nigerian rap lord, singer, and songwriter.
M.I was born in Jos 4 October 1981 and rose got world recognition with the bumper hit track "Bullion Van" back in 2014.
The Jos born rap mogul became MTV awardee and got an international nomination for his breathtaking performance.
The Chocolate City boss made the list with $8 million.

2. Phyno Net worth – $11 million

Chibuzor Nelson Azubuike globally knows as Phyno. He is a rapper and songwriter noted for his indigenous blend style.
He was born on 9 October 1986 in Eastern Nigeria, Enugu state.
Phyno rose to prominence in 2014 with a debut studio album "No Guts No Glory". He began as a Music producer back in 2003.
The Igbo rap mogul will live to remember for songs like "Fada Fada", "Financial Woman" and more.
He, however, made the 7th spot on Top 10 richest musicians in Nigeria 2020. While here on richest Nigeria rappers ranking, is currently occupied the number 2 spot.

1. Olamide Net Worth - $12 Million

Olamide Adedeji with a professional name as Olamide is a seasoned Yoruba indigenous Nigeria rapper.
He was born on 15 March 1989 in Bariga, Lagos State.
Olamide struck the Nigerian music airwaves with debut studio album Rapsodi under the Coded Tunes. While a follow-up album came under his imprint record label YBNL.
The YBNL boss who has six albums to his name could be fondly remembered for tracks like "Motigbana", "Pawon", and more.
He boasts several national and international awards to his name. Olamide who appeared on Nigeria's richest musician 6th ranking has clinched the number one spot as the richest rapper in Nigeria.
Notwithstanding any doubt, this top 10 reachest rappers in Nigeria 2020 and Net worth has been selected base on performance, fan base, relevance with the industry, endorsement deal, and global music distribution sales.

Final Verdict:

We understand the fact that your favorite artist may be featured or absent. But not intentional from our part as we stick with Forbes on her global valuation of celebrities.
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