The Rise and Proclamation of Kizz Daniel as Nigerian Pop Lord
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The triumph of Woju had established his empire within the Nigerian music industry; He uses his vocal prowess which shows genuine emotions with artistry than the sway of pride, galling and rivalry 

Kizz Daniel set on foot ambitious projects for a Nigerian conquest of Africa, despite some early critics against his long term dominance.

He began his quest for supremacy with the name Kiss Daniel even when the Pop genre was not fans favorite in this part of the World. Prior to May 2018 when he had ticked almost every box before him for a successful career, he changed his name to Kizz Daniel.

Kizz Daniel's biography is inspiring by considering his early life growing up in a rat-infested house in Abeokuta, Ogun State, located in the western part of Nigeria.

Life demands the right study which can't be escaped in becoming successful. Considering the fact that Kizz has studied well to have an amazing vocal, writes unique songs, and dance like a demon. 

These are all in one big factor that's rear to see in modern musicians.

Kizz Daniel is optimistic from his debut days which has paved way for him, believing yourself will only encourage others to believe in you.

Key factors to consider to become a successful Pop Star in modern time

Age: Considering the fact age may be seen as a number by many, but it’s one of the most vital aspects to look into. 

If you are more than 30, getting those willing to invest in your career as a pop star might prove so difficult. 

But for the case of Kizz Daniel at just 26 years old, he has built his empire within the genre before age 30.

Look: The current generation is obsessed with beauty; if you don't look good, music promoters might not give you a chance thinking you may not be able to attract a huge fan base. While for Kizz, he got it.

Voice: If vocals quality can be left out for any music genre, not for the pop. Because every lyrical delivery must be executed with great vocals that Kizz Daniel has been known for. 

He has the ability to turn every destined bad song into a masterpiece. Daniel is one of the most featured and collaborated musicians in Africa as his voice expresses genuine emotions.

Dance: Being a pop singer, dancing is expected of you with the ability to move well on stage even if you aren't a ballerina. 

For Kizz, he has shown flashes of brilliance for his ability to dance on and off stage by merely looking back to his songs like Woju and Madu.

Stage presence: One of his attribute of being a pop singer is the ability to sway and send spectators into rapture each time he performs live on stage. At the same time, he is never like a Tiger or timid.

Songwriting: Ability for kizz Daniel to write his songs himself couple with great voice has always made him prepared to face the thousand competition pose by other amazing young talents who could as well sing and dance.

Style: Becoming a successful pop singer demands your uniqueness instead of copying your hero or favorite singer. 

But for this guy Daniel, he has improvised and fused his pattern into the Nigerian music industry making him a must featured for artists who are aiming at a global music distribution. 

Networking: If anything can be taken out of entertainment, definitely not the level of associations, making friends, and going places to get recognized. 

kizz Daniel has left no stone unturned considering how he has associated with notable musicians across the breadth and length of Africa. 

His career and second studio album is a vindication of his networking ability to have worked with star singers like Wizkid, Davido, Nasty C, Diamond Platnumz, Demmie Vee, Akon, and more.

Final Thought

Notwithstanding doubt of criticisms, you could actually agree with me that Kizz Daniel ticked the right boxes to become a successful pop star considering he has study rightly, optimistic, realistic as he was growing up, got himself noticed, knew his weaknesses and faced it. 

Note, rising to stardom isn't an easy one with so much difficulty before you, and at the same time, we all have a weak spot. What is yours?

Simply let us know as you share your thoughts with us by using the comment section below.

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