The Cold War Between Mery Aigbe And Iyabo Ojo
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Over the years, Iyabo Ojo and Mercy Aigbe have both graced film lovers' TV screens, once were good friends and became famous personalities in their rights.  

The best thing about these Nollywood actresses, Mercy Aigbe and Iyabo Ojo, is that 11 days apart are marked as their birthdays.  

Over the years, however, they have been locking horns in a cold rivalry battle, and this became evident to their fans after Iyabo celebrated her last birthday, their split is no surprise to their peers.  

Mercy Aigbe failed to send out a birthday shoot- out when Iyabo celebrated her birthday in December 2020; however, Iyabo Ojo shocked many fans by celebrating Mercy on her birthday amid the silent war. 

On some times, the Nollywood stars barely make appearances. For eg, at the burial of Iyabo Ojo' s late mum, Mercy Aigbe was conspicuously absent. Most of their colleagues complained about the death of their mom with Iyabo on social media, but Mercy never did.  

Another example followed recently when they both glaringly ignored each other at the opening of the shop at Nkechi Blessing.  

Recently, a month after her birthday, Mercy Aigbe was given a Range Rover by an online seller.  

Iyabo Ojo snubbed Grace as the social media went buzzing with congratulatory messages. Instead, to shadow the star, she took to her Instagram profile, saying that competing with others is toxic and stressful. 

Iyabo Ojo wrote: 

" Nothing beats being yourself! there is nothing more toxic and stressful than trying to compete… honestly, it' s getting old. Do you! ! ! O my! sh*t just got real…Thank God for peace of mind" 

However, some people who are aware of this scenario have been pondering the genesis of their cold war. Reacting the Iyabo Ojo' s post, some fans wrote; 

cinnammon_rolls: Unliked by Mercy Aigbe and 9, 999 others. 

suma_marie: I know both the subbee, the sub and the subber but i wee not talk🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂. 

chinwendumighty: See wahala for old women hand o 🤣🤣🤣🤣 oya both of u should fight na😂😂🤣 iyabo vs mercy 🤣🤣🤣. 

arewa_secret: Stop shading and tag with your chest hanty😂😂😂. 

Meanwhile, these two actresses, ironically, have some things in common, they were once married and are both single mothers, and they are both blessed with two kids.

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