New reports reported that the Nigerian singer's 5-year-old marriage, Dr. Sid to Simi, his two children's mother, has collapsed.

Recalls that after his wife moved out of their home and was found without her wedding ring, News about their crashed marriage first made round two years ago. Reportedly the marriage collapsed because Dr Sid was split and his wealthy wife became the breadwinner.

However, some reports in 2018 claimed that the two might have been working on getting back together after both were spotted at the dedication of Dolapo Oni's baby.

Well, after the beatings and maltreatment Dr Sid receives from his wife, Simi, all hell has now let loose.

Simi also beats up Dr Sid for returning home late, according to a cryptic post by SDK. That's not all, she also doesn't let him see their kids... it's so bad that since she was born a year ago she hasn't let him look at their second daughter.

While SDK did NOT mention any names, all hints pointed to Dr Sid and Simi's Crashed Marriage. As they produced two kids, and their marriage went south two years ago.

See screenshots of her report below:

There you got it. We're usually learning from man to woman about domestic violence.

But now, the case is the reverse. OAP Daddy Freeze, a few years ago, ended his marriage to his teo kids ' wife and mother over claims to endure domestic violence from her.

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