Sarkodie reveals how he deals with negative energy on social media
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The life of a celebrity is full of intruders and negative people who will always want to have a say and control over the choices and life of the individual.

Most of these pessimists view everything from a negative point and give bad comments about every step a famous person takes.

The advent of social media has given many the chance to get a bit closer to the lives of their favorite or worse celebrities.

On the other hand, many of these celebrities who are intolerant of negative vibes tend to block such people at the least provocation.

Meanwhile, one of Ghana’s finest rapper Sarkodie has stated that he has never blocked anyone on social media for the person’s show of hostility or animosity.

In a reply retweet to Fiifi Adinkra, Sarkodie added that social media is unable to determine the brain faculty and the mental health of any individual thus all should be ready to face negative vibes.

There is no scan to detect how dumb or sharp a person is when they signing up on these platforms so you should know what to expect when you get on here. If u only want positive vibes, create a Whatsapp group chat with your positive friends look,” he tweeted.

Sarkodie is one of the few artists in Ghana who is admired by people from all facets of life, experience, and exposure for his display of maturity and show of self-discipline.

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