“Rap music is dead, boring and tired” – Wizkid
Posted by badgeFelix on 19

Superstar afrobeat singer, Wizkid has caused a stir in the music industry after he spoke about the rap genre in a recent interview.

The “Bad To Me” crooner revealed that Afrobeats is taking over the music world and it’s now “the new pop”.

Wizkid added that he doesn’t listen to any other genre of music anymore, especially rap because it’s boring and dead.

He said;

“Afrobeats is the new pop. I sold two million copies in America off of one song! Even some American artists don’t have a diamond record.

If I’m being honest, I don’t listen to any other genre of music anymore.”

“I don’t listen to rap – that shit is boring to me. It’s dead now, it’s tired. These guys do the same shit, rap on the same beats and the same flows,”

he added.

“No disrespect to nobody. I don’t have anything against rap or any other type of music. I have a lot of rappers as friends, like a lot. So I’m probably the wrong person to say this.”

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Xxx  (Dec 02, 2022) 
Like your music#AV wake up
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your daddy  (Dec 02, 2022) 
it's funny this is coming from wiz. first, wizkid is the most boring artiste now. his sound is the same, no new thing, no creativity. and then second, the genre - afrobeats itself is good,I can't dispute that but most guys also sound the same. Afrobeats doesn't care about writing good lyrics, it's all jam. everyone want to make a hit top 10 song but not evergreen song. Hiphop is one of the best genre in the world and it's disrespecting for wiz to come forward and say it's boring. like I said earlier, it's funny. wiz ain't that intellectual anyways, he's just a successful musical artiste.
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Ny  (Dec 03, 2022) 
Your day nai boring
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Ny  (Dec 03, 2022) 
E tell u e opinion u dey cus m
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Ny  (Dec 03, 2022) 
E force you to listen to his music
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Wurld+Emaya  (Dec 25, 2022) 
Go Download burial songs na🥱🥱
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Wurld Emaya  (Dec 25, 2022) 
If Popsi say Rap is Dead
Rap is Dead na🙄
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Domi  (Dec 02, 2022) 
I have friends who dislike hip hop and afrobeats, but love rap so well that they trap to it. I find it amuzing. Why? Its bcoz i dont dislike rap, but i love afrobeat and hiphop so well i have them mostly on my playlist....

So, its his own opinion and view, thus he shouldnt be insulted for it. He doesnt love it and so it should be.
Thats it.
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your daddy  (Dec 02, 2022) 
bro, hiphop is rap. rap is hiphop. go learn your genre of music.
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Anonymous  (Dec 02, 2022) 
Guys, abeg make una leave wizkid for me make I finish am. Mumu I nor blame u, u nor like rap, after u go pay Spotify make dem put ur song for Apple music chart. See ur album na rubbish, even if u feature top artiste, d song still nor make brain. You nor even reacn any rapper for dis country sef. Idiot!!!!!!!!
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Phoenix  (Dec 03, 2022) 
You're so stupid. How can you pay Spotify to put a song on Apple Music Chart
Apple Music and Spotify are two different streaming services and they don't work together
So get that into your dumbass brain
Wizkid is wrong tho. Only smart lyricists can venture into rap but those shitty ones with no content(like Wizkid) will say rap is boring.
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e2nu  (Dec 03, 2022) 
How Spotify take consign Apple music .. u dey daft
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Anonymous  (Dec 04, 2022) 
@e2nu, o bob go ask bnxn, na he talk am
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Anonymous  (Dec 04, 2022) 
I nor go lie for u, u too mumu I swr
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Anonymous  (Dec 02, 2022) 
He dmsi so dump ND a fucking proud a fucking over hyped artist ND he is here capping nonsense to be honest I dont even listen to his fucking one lyrical songs ever time she tell me say, she tell me say ND he got the fucking nerves to call rap song dead
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Anonymous  (Dec 02, 2022) 
Try talk another thing abeg 🤣
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Nj  (Dec 03, 2022) 
Na rap songs con get lyrics rap song wey na money drugs and sex even shooting nai Dem dey rap
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Swag Miracles  (Dec 02, 2022) 
Rap will always be good better and needed, rap is Rap, some artist still make very good rap music with good beats, the problem in Africa is that we don't rap in full English,we don't rap in style, i say Africa in general needs more rappers. Africa needs rappers
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Inferno  (Dec 02, 2022) 
See this mumu mr she tell me something they've been tell you since you started your music career.
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