Prophet Ajagurajah reveals deep secret about praying in the afternoon
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Bishop Abed Kwabena Boakye Asiamah aka Ajagurajah has made a controversial statement that praying in the afternoon is a waste of energy because God doesn’t listen to prayers at noon.

Speaking in an interview with 1 Ghana, he explained that there were some angels who left heaven and came down to earth but later changed their mind and were returning to heaven, unfortunately, heaven gates were closed, so they got stuck in the sky.

“We don’t pray in the afternoon, when you pray at noon, it doesn’t go. So when i see some churches praying in the afternoon, I just laugh at them. If you read the Bible, have you ever heard Jesus praying in the afternoon? Every time, he prays at night”, he said.

“In the afternoon, the rulers of the sky have taken over so if you pray, it doesn’t go through. That’s why we don’t have afternoon devotion, we call it morning devotion”, he added.

“So praying in the morning and evening is the right time, afternoon, is a waste of time”, he said in conclusion.

Watch the video below:

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