Olakira Advises Upcoming Artistes To ‘Understand The Contract’ Before Signing To A Record Label
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Olakira, also known as Ade Ebenezer, is giving assistance to aspiring musicians. 

Olakira advised young musicians to always read and understand the contract before signing with a record company in an exclusive interview with Hip Tv. According to Olakira, aspiring artists should put their desperation to be signed to a label aside and take the time to review contracts for hidden terms.

The Maserati singer said that 90 percent of artist-record label feuds are caused by misunderstandings. According to him, these artists will agree to everything the label asks out of desperation, utterly ignoring any potential future issues.

He recommended both parties to calm down, understand each other first, and strike an agreement to prevent costly lawsuits, based on his personal experience as a producer and performer.
Take a look at the video below.

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