Nigerians in shock as lady reveals the re-branded COVID 19 palliatives she bought in the market
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Some Nigerians on social media have been left in a big shock after a lady revealed some of the re-branded COVID 19 palliatives she bought in the market. 

The lady identified as Inemesit Green-Nathaniel took to Facebook to share pictures of the COVID 19 palliatives she bought in Akwa-Ibom.

According to the lady, she has been buying the food item in the market until she decided to remove the stickers on the packs.

“I don’t really know what took my mind to this pack of indomie in my house, I decided to remove this new sticker from it, lo and behold at the back of it I saw Covid 19, Not for sale. So all this while I have been buying my own right? So if you are looking for a warehouse in Akwa Ibom, our own palliatives have been sold out to us. HOW HEARTLESS CAN PEOPLE BE?”

See how Nigerians are reacting to this below;

@topman_massage wrote “Imagine. Someone sold this ?? Omo we need to restructure this country from leaders to the last person on the street.”

@adj_kholow wrote “That’s their aim! To sell the foods they can’t provide to us after stealing the money we are supposed to use and yet we survived so they got pained and start killing us simply because we are Nigerians”

@lev_tabitha wrote “I said it..all they intended is to repackage n sell”

@qwin__libra wrote “That apart, so wait ooo is it that suddenly everybody is blind about the fact that this palliative stuff ,is just a way to distract everybody from the main issues on ground people de loose focus”

@medificient wrote “When will our leaders stop this wicked act?? Una nor de tire to suffer us???”

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