“My support structure” – Daddyfreeze’s wife celebrates him as he turns 45
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Benedicta, the wife of DaddyFreeze, took to her Instagram page to celebrate her soul mate as he turns 45-years-old today.

In a post shared by the celebrant, Daddyfreeze, his wife had described him as her soul mate and support structure as he celebrates his birthday.

She further disclosed that she has been loving him every step of the way, starting from when he had a full hairline and now that it’s receding.

Here’s what she wrote;

“Happy 45th birthday to My ‘Rebel with a cause’ @daddyfreeze My soul mate, My support structure.

I loved you with your full hair line and loving you even more, with your receding hair line. Lol!–We have indeed come a long way. Our journey together, has been one of great love, resilience and sheer determination to keep choosing each other, over and over again..

–I am thankful to Yahweh for meeting you that faithful day. 😁May the protecting arm of Almighty Yahweh rest upon you today and forever.

Love you with all my heart.


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