“My dad never said NO” – Blogger, Ronke reveals how her father spoiled her by always letting her have her way
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Blogger, Ronke has revealed how she got spoiled by her father who would never say NO to her decisions or needs even when it was important to do so.

Reacting to a post that rebuked spoiled women by telling them they can never have their way all the time, Ronke narrated how her father made her think she can always have her way because he never opposed her ideas or actions.

Ronke admitted that this act by her father subsequently affected her negatively as she grew up to think that she is meant to always do that which she wants, without caring about other people’s opinion.

Speaking further, Ronke who seems to have spotted out the wrong in her lifestyle said this was her previous lifestyle before she figured out the ideal style of life in a world with different opinions and different people.

In an Insta-story session, she poured out all of this:

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