#LagosUnrest : Guy gives hilarious reason why he quit guarding his street against 1 million boya
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A Nigerian man has taken to his social media page to share a very funny reason why he quit his ‘batman’ duties for his community.

The man had joined the makeshift vigilante that took it upon themselves to guard their street against the infamous ‘1 million boys’.

Read his tweet below ;

So I & 5 hefty guys were securing the front of our crip. I had a shovel, they had cutlasses. One then suggested we patrol and we agreed.

Less than 100m walk, we saw two bikes accelerating towards us. Before I could say pim all 5 of my men disappeared. The only thing I heard was “iyke run!”. It never crossed my mind that I was moving gallantly with ungallant men. I ran too Fortunately, it was police. After a while, my men came out of their hideout, we gathered & started walking back to our domain.

We weren’t talking to each other. All of a sudden, one bursted out in laughter & every other person followed suit. We were laughing because we know we were useless. Just filling up the street. I asked Chidi why he ran, he said “nwuye m muru nwa ofóru, and nwa m amatabeghi m”.

Trans: my wife just gave birth and my child hasn’t known me yet.

See me wey think say I dey guard street with ndi akpobi.

Nwanne, I don resign for this work. My wife too hasn’t known me, let alone the unborn. 1million boys, na una get road now.

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