"I Can Only Go Nude If It’s Worth It – Actress Angela Eguavoen
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Beautiful and Charming Nollywood actress, Angela Eguavoen, has in a new interview revealed the terms on which can only make her go nude in a movie, saying if it is worth it, she'd take up the role.

In an exclusive interview with The Punch, Eguavoen also spoke on the kind of men she loves associating with.

Speaking, here's what the actress said;

“I easily get attracted to funny, dark, tall, generous and romantic men. When he smells good, kisses well and has all these qualities, he literally has my ‘mumu’ button".

Sharing what makes her distinct from other actresses, she said;

“I am a versatile actor. I always bring my A-game to every project. I strip myself of Angela and become the character I am playing and I do anything feasible to portray my character greatly. Being beautiful and having a great body is an added advantage to my success in the industry. The fact that I am so easy to work with, understanding and I don’t cause any sort of problem or be the reason a producer or director is having headache during production, has also opened doors for me".

When asked if she can accept nude scenes in movies, she said;

“I can only go nude in a movie if it is very imperative. I can do it for a film or scene that is worth it”.

Recounting about an awkward moment with a fan, the actress said;

“I went to a mall with my sister and one of my fans started shouting my name from afar, ran to me and hugged me tightly. I didn’t know whether to disappear or remain there because the love was so real. It wasn’t embarrassing at all; it felt so good. We are now friends though".

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