Davido Commence With The Promise He Made To His Late Aide, ObamaDMW’s Son – Malik
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Davido, the DMW founder and performer, is said to have kept his promise to his late aide, Obama DMW.

ObamaDWM died on June 29th, shortly after complaining of breathing problems. Fans and the DMW/30BG team, particularly his employer and close friend Davido, were shocked by his passing. Davido gave an emotional tribute on the 7th of July, only days after Obama's death.

“44 I swear, I will not let a single one of your visions die.

It is hard getting by without you, my backbone is truly gone but I won’t stop making you proud. I promise to continue to take this thing we started together, to the ends of the earth. I promise to continue dominating the world.

And to Malik, even though you are taller than me, you are basically my son. Doing so well in school, passing with flying colours. I have to be strong for you, and you have to be strong for the family, your mom and your grand mom. Everything 44 wanted to do for you, we will finish it together”.

However, on the 13th of July, Davido allegedly fulfilled the promise he made to his friend by securing a job for his son, Malik in his father’s company.

Since his father, Obama, declared Davido his Godfather, an inside source confirmed that Davido has been taking care of Malik's educational and financial needs. According to this source, Davido utilized his status as a firm shareholder to ensure Malik a job as soon as he graduates from high school.
Cutie Julls, an Instagram blogger, shared the following:

So like we discussed on our live video the last time, Davido has been the one funding Obama’s only son’s education since.

Our legit source says, since Obama officially made Davido Malik’s godfather, he’s been taking care of all his educational needs since. The word is ALL.

David enrolled his godson, Malik at the Adeleke University after seeing him through secondary school and has been been the one paying for not just tuition fees but everything including Transportation to school to as little as pens.

We have also been reliably informed that, as part of the main shareholders of the Adeleke Group of Companies, David has also secured an employment for young brilliant Malik in his Father’s company. As in it’s a done deal as soon as the boy completes school.

Malik has one more year to do in University. We’ve been told he is a very brilliant student who has always been among the top 10 students at the University.

David’s father and sister have also been keenly supporting David in this decision hence Malik’s employment done and sealed to start rolling as soon as he completes school. Also if for Malik should change his mind after school and wants to work elsewhere, David is still in full support as “a father” to Malik.

Like our source said, David has been doing this even before Obama passed away so to him it’s normal just that now, he’s fatherly responsibilities will be a little bit more than just financial benefits.”

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