SENSE or TRASH!!! COVID - 19: This is the Perfect Time To Send Nudes - NAIRA MARLEY
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The Malian President, Naira Marley always has a way out to be on the media. But his fan base never gets tired of him as he is known to be very controversial and outspoken. 

As the World continues to battle with the Coronavirus Pandemic disease, Naira Marley took to his twitter handle and said this period of staying at home would be the perfect time to send nudes pictures as one can't do that in a normal season.


Perfect time to send nudes. That will encourage people to stay home because you can't be sending nudes in public.

Hmm, What to do? if I may ask because this is not the first time to hear such a controversial statement from the "Aye" Pioneer whose latest song talks about Life. 

We want to hear your thought about Naira Marley on this COVID - 19: This is the Perfect Time To Send Nudes.


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