Cardi B impressed by Kenyan dance crew “Coronavirus” dance challenge (Watch Video)
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In the unfortunate spread of the COVID-19 globally, people have resorted to using music to spread the message further but in a more subtle way.

Several songs are out now about the pandemic – whether in local or International spaces, the message is diffusing.

Most recently was Cardi B´s Coronavirus rap that came as a joke but the industry´s creatives took it up as a dance challenge that has since gone viral.

Kenya´s very own choreographer, Tileh Pacbro joined the challenge with his recent dance video release dubbed ´Coronavirus´.

Pacbros crew take up Coronavirus dance challenge

A video uploaded on Sunday the 15th of March after the virus struck the Kenyan motherland with its first patient zero confirmed two days before.


Three days after its release, the video had amassed thousands of views globally. Fortunately, it caught the eye of female fierce rapper, Cardi B who was sure impressed.

American rapper, Cardi B

Sharing the dance video on her page, she tweeted:

I’m boutta tell Atlantic to put this song on Spotify 😩

The video attracted well over 127k views, 769 retweets and 3.7k likes on Twitter.

A video that showcased the hidden talent in the local dance crew donning white hoodies, white sneakers and protective masks in place, it was impeccable.

Speaking to on the same, Tileh admitted:

Honestly, I expected the video to blow up because we´ve been building up our audience and it´s growing. We choreographed the dance, shot the video, edited and uploaded it on the same day.

Choreographer, Tileh Pacbro

Coronavirus dance challenge

Well probably they are used to taking up dance challenges but this particular one on the deadly virus was, if anything, to raise awareness.

You can see in the video the guy who takes off his mask and the others move away. Also when the cough sound comes on the track, you can see the guy falls and we were basically using art to bring out the importance of taking the precautionary measures.

However, ´Dance 98´ as the dance crew goes by, is actually not a crew per say, but a group of friends and dancers from Tileh´s academy who enjoy the craft.

I don´t actually have a crew, but the guys I dance with are my friends and some from the academy. We call ourselves Pacbros.

Pacbros crew on Justin Beiber´s ¨Yummy¨ dance challenge

Tileh Pacbro runs a dance academy ¨Dance 98¨ in Nairobi´s suburb, Lavington.

Cardi B´s Coronavirus dance challenge is not the crew´s first appearance, having made a name for themselves, featuring in tracks like: ¨Yes Bana¨ by Bey T and Khaligraph Jones as well as ¨Yummy¨ by Justin Bieber.

Kenyans have lauded the dance crew for stepping their game to International recognition and lessening the terror brought by the COVID-19 pandemic.


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