Billionaire Terry Waya, Reveals Why He Allowed His Son Kiddwaya To Participate In the Ongoing BBNaija Show
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Benue-born Nigerian businessman, Terry Waya, has finally revealed that his son and Big Brother Naija season 5 housemate, Kiddwaya, auditioned for the reality TV show, without his consent.

In an Instagram live interview, the 55-year-old business mogul said that, it took the intervention of his brothers and family friends, for him to forgive his son Kiddwaya and endorsed him for the show.

The London-based billionaire, disclosed that prior to now, he never had time to watch the Big Brother show, and that one of his friends apparently arranged for the fight that took Kidd to Lagos.

Speaking, the Benue-born businessman said;

“I never knew, I never had any information that he was going to Big Brother. I’ve heard about the Big brother show but I’ve never watched it,” he said.

“I didn’t know what it was. I never knew what it was. Then during the lockdown, he now…normally he is the one that does everything in the house.

“He takes care of the rest of the family members…he handles everything even from the kitchen. He’s the one that will get up and say ‘we need this in the house, we need this’ so, he always had my car at will.

“So I came and asked where he was because I wanted him to do something, and they said he went to Lagos.

“I said ‘went to Lagos in this lockdown, there’re no flights and there’s curfew. How did he go to Lagos? Apparently one of my friends arranged an aircraft to take him to Lagos. I didn’t even know.

“He went for the audition, then came back. I remember I was with a friend when he came back and came to me and I said ‘well, I was told you went to Lagos now you cannot stay in this house. You must go and isolate.

“That’s what everybody does … once you travel and come, you must isolate. You must go and isolate yourself for 10 days.

“So when he came to me, and he wanted to go to Big Brother, the way I looked at him, he knew the conversation would not continue. He knew he couldn’t continue with the conversation, so he now left.

“Then, all my friends were calling me, but I didn’t want anyone to tell me about him going there. So, he left without my permission.

“So when he got there, they had to isolate them for few days and during that period, his uncles (my brothers) and a lot of family friends came one evening to talk to me.

“They said oh, he has been calling them from where they were isolated that he knows I was already angry and that if he doesn’t get my blessings, he won’t go inside. So they have come to beg me to give him my blessing for him to go inside Big Brother.

“So I said well…, and I looked at the whole thing and I said, at his age, my dad never knew where I was. If that is what he wants to do, let him do it.”

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