Actress Etinosa Idemudia Explains Why She Said Girlfriends To Fraudsters Should Be Arrested, Alongside There Boyfriends
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Popular and controversial Nollywood actress, Etinosa Idemudia has come out to clear the air, on the reasons behind her shade to popular Instagram big boy & fraudster, Hushpuppi.

Etinosa had earlier mocked Hushpuppi, whom he and his gangs met their waterloo, by tasking the Nigerian police officers to always arrest internet fraudsters alongside their girlfriend.

Further stressing about her former statement, the actress said:-

“A lot of people forget that I am a comedienne first before an actress. I make funny rant videos using my alter Ego, Esohe, a typical Benin girl from a village in Uselu. It is an act just for humour. I can’t help those who take it seriously. I wouldn’t even know if I have been wooed by a Fraudster. They don’t write Yahoo boy on the forehead,”

Etinosa also went on to add that, she no longer worries over marriage or the kind of man she would settle down with.

The script interpreter who recently kicked off a talent hunt show, says,

“A lot of men look and talk ready for commitment in several ways and turn out to be jokers. Then the ones that look like jokers sometimes turn out to be for real so really I’m not looking out for a particular trait because this thing has no manual. I don’t even know if I would end up with an entertainer like me. I don’t have a manual. Who I get married to is in the hands of God. It’s not by occupation, tribe or religion. If God says he’s the one, it will happen. Me, I have stopped racking my head over such things.”

On if she would ever join her colleagues, who embrace liposuction, as the new beauty, she replied, 

“I’m very comfortable with my body especially my pot belly (Laughs). I seriously doubt I will ever consider it but I don’t know the future."

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