Yomi Casual's wife acknowledges her biggest flaw, cautions against aspiring to emulate her
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Grace Makun, celebrity jewellery designer and wife of Yomi Casual, opens up about her flaws while cautioning against trying to emulate her life solely based on her perfect Instagram posts.

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The businesswoman highlighted how easily people are influenced by social media, emphasizing that the reality of people's lives often differs from what is portrayed online.

The mother of two mentioned how many people express a desire to be like her and how she advises against it, except in the realm of business, due to her flawed character.

Grace Makun explained that only her husband truly knows her character. Despite being beautiful, an amazing mom, hardworking, and a good homemaker, she admitted to having a sharp tongue.

“Don’t let Instagram deceive you. People are just moved by what they see here on the gram. A lot of people say, hey, Grace, I want to be like you. See, be like me in business, o I will support you, but in character, my sister, only my Hubby will tell you my real character.

“Girl, so fine but stubborn. Good homekeeper. Amazing mum. Hardworking. But my darling, my mouth is not good at all,” she wrote.

Captioning the post, she added, “This life, you can be the best version of your own self. Don’t try to be anyone else. If you know most of us down to our personal lives, you will choose your own self over anyone here.

You see this, my bad mouth, only my husband know wetin him eye dey see inside. So please don’t be like me, o I know my own flaws; I own up to it”.

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