Wumi Toriola criticizes Jigan Babaoja for publicly addressing her recent video
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

Wumi Toriola clashes with Jigan Babaoja for calling her out over a recent video where she mimicked how he walks.

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While promoting her upcoming movie project, Wumi shared a video on set, imitating Jigan Babaoja‘s walking style.

Unhappy with the video, Jigan threatened to sue Wumi for being insensitive about his condition and everyone battling similar disabilities.

Reposting the video, he captioned it, “You’ll explain in court on Monday! @wumitoriola I will force any court to open on Monday over this case! Onyemilenuuuuuuuuu!”

In response, the unbothered Wumi Toriola questioned who allowed him to monopolize the ‘handicapped’ industry. She pointed out that he isn’t the only person with a disability while challenging him to do his worst.

“Ha Agbakan na, who give you license to monopolise the industry? Who? @jiganbabaojo, do your worst, imagine. Are you the only hand!capped in the world. Do your worst, I am ready,” she wrote.

Jigan retaliated by stating that Wumi would be in soup when he’s done dealing with her legally.

“Answer a few questions ooo. Do you have an ID? Your own na injection or motor jam you? You don price madam,” he noted in the comment.

Watch the video below …