“Why?” – Tonto Dikeh rants as stranger asks her to use her connection to get him a job
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Renowned Nollywood actress and devoted single mother, Tonto Dikeh, recently took to her social media platform to share her perplexity and frustration over an unusual encounter in her direct messages (DMs).

In a profound and thought-provoking post, the talented actress expressed her bewilderment at the audacity of a complete stranger who approached her, requesting her assistance in securing a job.

Beware the barrenness of an idol life…Photo Credit: @tontolet Source: Instagram

In her candid statement, Tonto Dikeh emphasized her concerns about the potential risks and consequences associated with blindly offering job connections to unfamiliar individuals.

The actress, well-known for her outspoken nature, aimed to shed light on the matter and bring attention to the importance of caution and responsibility when dealing with job-related requests from strangers.

She shared her thoughts, questioning the rationale behind such audacious requests and the potential accountability she might face if these individuals were to engage in unlawful activities.

She wrote;

“I still don’t understand this concept… Maybe I am overthinking rationally. But how can a total stranger Dm you to help them look for a job, now first it’s ok if I know you to an extent?But a total stranger asking me to use my connections to get you a job, I don’t know your background.You may go and commit a crime (you could steal, kill, dupe, plan a kidnap and the list goes on).

“Who do you think they will HOLD? My darlings e get where begging suppose to stop and this is on dawg!!And to think some women will be begging to look for jobs for their husbands a few mins after you have sent me a picture of your bartered face.Wooooooh Jesus take the wheels”.


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