Why I Don't Want Heaven - Chika Lann
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

Notable Nollywood actress, Chika Lann, has issued a caution to religious individuals who have been urging her to repent, while also explaining why her aim is not to make it to heaven.

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The 38-year-old actress took to her Instagram page to provide insights on why she is unconcerned about the heaven and hell often depicted by believers.

According to Chika, many people are poor in life because of their obsession with heaven instead of getting their hands dirty to make money. She added that the goal should be to live the heaven on earth with plenty of money.

Chika Lann added that God’s purpose for humans is to live life and prosper in it while condemning religious people and their judgemental opinions on her page.

Sharing the video, she captioned it;

“I don’t want to go to Heaven. So stop wasting your precious time telling me to repent that Heaven is real. I advise you to use the same energy you waste for that your church to work hard and pray to your Ancestors and Chukwu to bless you so that you can “Live Heaven on Earth.” Oh yes! You don’t have to wait, suffer, and die to go Heaven. The real Heaven and Hell is here on Earth.”

Watch the video below …