Why do some women divorce cheating husbands but then date married men? - Seun Jimoh
Posted by badgeBusayo on 0

Popular Nigerian actor, Seun Sean Jimoh, has recently shared his concern over a disturbing trend among women who have gone through divorces. The thespian took to his official Instagram page to address his question to ex-married women who have decided to pursue relationships with other people's husbands after their own marriages fell apart.

According to Jimoh, he has observed that most married women, after getting a divorce because of their husband's infidelity, often start dating other married men. He finds this behavior confusing and has witnessed this happen on several occasions, which leaves him baffled.

The actor shared his observation on Instagram and wrote: "I really don't understand why a woman will leave her husband for cheating and start dating a married man when she becomes single. I have seen this happen on a few occasions, and it just leaves me baffled... Somebody make it make sense."

Jimoh's statement has sparked mixed reactions from his followers, with some agreeing with his perspective while others criticized him for generalizing the behavior of a few individuals. The issue of infidelity and divorce is a sensitive topic that affects many people, and it's essential to approach it with empathy and understanding.